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Rosemary Gallardo

Child of God

My name is, Rose and I am a Wife and Mother of 5. I am a child of God. My ministry is called beInspired. beInspired is all about encouraging people in their Christian Faith through creativity. I am a Podcaster, Digital Artist, and Musician. I believe wholeheartedly that God has blessed me with these gifts and talents in order to encourage and inspire others in their faith. Most of my work is geared towards struggling Christians. Those that have been rejected, "prodigals" if you will, those that are struggling to know that they are truly saved and loved by God. This has been my struggle for years because of deeply rooted issues in my childhood. But God has used every outlet and every trial as a means to draw me closer to Him. I felt a strong need to share this in the midst of the struggle as opposed to past tense or something I've completely overcome. I chose to share my struggle because I wanted to meet people where they are and let them see real time that they have someone they can relate to and go through it with. If that makes sense. Though I feel unqualified at moments I remember that it isn't me that qualifies but God is the one who qualifies and so my goal is to reach the ones who are struggling and losing hope that there is hope. God is doing it for me and continues to do it for me and He will do it for them. I think it's so important to be careful not to leave anyone behind. They may not be where we are, or where a more mature Christian is, but not less significant in this walk. God can and will use them, just like He uses me. I sing this testimony, I write this testimony, I compose this testimony, I paint this testimony, and most of all I speak it. But to God be the glory!

Aug. 14, 2022

Sharing Our Sacred Stories

Sharing Our Sacred Stories-Special Guest “ROSE” -Digital Artist, Musician.

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