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Dr. Michael E. Thomas Jr.


Michael E. Thomas Jr., is (the eldest son of Debbie and Michael E. Thomas Sr.), a native of Loves Park, who graduated from Harlem High School in 1990. After leaving high school Michael attended San Diego State University to further his education and graduated from University of Illinois with a public relations/communication, Law Enforcement Degree Small Business Certification and a Doctorate of Divinity from GMQ School of Excellence in 2018. He is the husband to Prophetess Jill E. Thomas, a dad to 6, teacher, author, mentor, public speaker and life coach. Michael E. Thomas Jr., (grand-nephew to the late Bishop James E. Thomas Sr.) and is the apostolic founder of New Millennium Faith Church, 4 C I T Ministries International, KAMA (Kingdom Apostolic Ministries Association), GMQ Kingdom Ministry School of Excellence & Identity Life Coaching headquartered in Loves Park, Illinois. His apostolic affirmation - ordination established by his elders came during a multi-state – jurisdiction interdenomination leadership meeting in Northwest Indiana; Apostle Michael received the generation blessing and the mantle of Bishop James E. Thomas Sr., by elder David Goldsmith and apostle Tim Smith. Michael continues in the teaching, preaching and demonstrations of the gospels of Christ, graced by God to operate in supernatural miracles, signs & wonders (numerous work also attributed to the functions and performed by generals in earlier generations like his great grand uncle Bishop Thomas.
In 2007, led by the Holy Spirit, Michael found himself answering the ministry call to Jesus in front of the body in Christ. This began a two year world wind journey becoming one of His appointed ministers and founder of New Millennium Faith Church & 4 C I T Ministries International. After answering the commission to the position of apostolic minister and then affirmed through his elders, he began the responsibility to develop & minister the kingdom of heaven to ministers, leader’s and the body in Christ and around the world. With his wife, they began the church in their basement the summer of 2008 hosting home bible studies with a handful of people. It was April 1st, when Michael and his wife heard a message from Heavenly Father who gave them the name of the church. The Thomas’ began serving the kingdom of God to nations in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Zambia, the D R C, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda Rwanda & the Philippines. The church moved to downtown Chicago for three years before eventually being led by Holy Spirit to return home to build our world headquarters. Currently, we host home kingdom bible studies and weekend service at the church in Loves Park.
Michael’s kingdom apostolic teachings, proclamations and demonstration of power under authority is based on the foundation, protocols and fundamentals of the administration of the Kingdom of heaven, advanced theological training in biblical leadership religious theology through full time ministry. He is a witness to the living Christ & continuing in the application of cultivating sonship through faith, instructions prayer and studies daily in relational experience with Holy Spirit and Christ, not only encountering the Glory of God but has been graced to enter the Throne Room (where he has received His instructions, kingdom distinctions, the “blueprint” and foundations of the Kingdom of heaven. He continues to learn, develop relationships, doing the will of Christ, work to build his son-ship with heavenly Father by faith alone and disciple those sent to him for maturity and affirmation. He functions and demonstrates to the body of Christ from proximity and position, in the ways of Jesus Christ under Kingdom authority and graced by power. He is a Spirit filled, Spirit led and a firm believer in the gospel of the kingdom that every person born again must live in love, growing in spiritual obedience and righteousness from a child of God to an adopted son /or daughter of Abba (mature in son-ship). He has experience in being in the glory realm of Father and Jesus, entering into the throne room of Abba father and continues to witness the majesty of God through “open heaven gates/portals”. Signs, wonders and miracles have been accounted to him as evidence of his relationship identification, ministry calling, work and confirmation. One of his desires is to serve the kingdom of heaven trustfully, faithfully, humbly, in courage and boldness, to see the body of Christ living in order; out of love and for leadership to be about Kingdom business. Michael is still growing in divine wisdom, understanding of faith in Jesus and the Kingdom of heaven & the through the grace awarded to him as he endeavors to constantly be learned in the ways of Christ.

Sept. 25, 2022

Sharing Sacred Stories Guest Michael E. Thomas Jr.

Sharing Sacred Stories Guest Michael E. Thomas Jr…

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