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March 20, 2023

Woman At The Well

Woman At The Well by Rev. Jay Stuart Glover

Woman At The Well Revisited by Rev. Jay Stuart Glover

Woman’s  day is being celebrated in churches across the country so I thought it would be a good day to highlight a story from the Bible known as the woman at the well. I would like to look at this story through a lens that does not disparage the woman’s character, which is unusual, because most of the. traditional interpretations render this  woman as being immoral.  But there are questions,  legitimate questions to be raised that stand against this traditional interpretation. First  we must consider the ministry of Jesus.  Remembering that Jesus sat and ate with the sinner, yes he did. But he also sat with the marginalized, oppressed, the exploited, those who were taken advantage of, the outcasts of society. I believe this is the case with this woman, so instead of walking away from this story, thinking of her as a an immoral person I see her life transformed as she encountered Christ and being raised in this story in a very honorable way. It’s spiritually immature, exegetically irresponsible, and theologically deficient to walk away from this story portraying or blaming the victim in this story being immoral when there were  unethical systems in place that exploited her and traumatized her lived experience. 

May God prosper you according to His divine will and purpose.

Rev. Jay Stuart Glover