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June 27, 2022

Redefining Success

Redefining Success with LaQuita Monley


About the Author LaQuita Monley:

Those who shift their minds transform their lives and lead others into greatness. When obstacles arise, LaQuita Monley refuses to buckle under pressure. As a military wife, the mother of 5 adult children, and a proud grandmother, she is well versed in the art of strategizing to pivot for purposeful success. LaQuita evaluates problems through an optimistic lens and develops action plans for successful advancement. The result is thriving while operating in her purpose. This multifaceted entrepreneur, international speaker, minister of the Gospel, and author believes the foundation of personal development and business growth rests in possessing a definition of success that reflects one’s God-ordained purpose. As a sought-out global keynote speaker and transformation coach, LaQuita challenges others to shift their thinking to revolutionize their spheres of influence. Organization leaders, ministers, and entrepreneurs alike tune into her weekly live broadcasts, Create Your Future Self Live and LaQuita’s Toolbox Live, for inspiration and implementable action steps to realize their full potential. Her life’s work is proof that LaQuita Monley is impassioned by motivating others to become the best versions of themselves. Follow and learn more about LaQuita online at laquitamonley.com, Facebook [LMMonley], Instagram [laquita_monley], and Twitter [laquitamonley1].

I recommend this book as a word of encouragement and guidance along the faith/life journey.

May God prosper you according to His divine will and purpose.

Rev. Jay Stuart Glover