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Oct. 31, 2022

A Women Enounters Jesus, What Happens?

A Women Enounters Jesus, What Happens? by Rev. Ja…

A Women Enounters Jesus, What Happens?  The narrative begins with a reflection drawn from Luke 13:10-17 where Jesus sees, calls, and  pronounces the healing of a woman afflicted, bent over for 18 years. 
A guest called in, William Blackfox, who shared his near death experience after drinking 2 1/2 gallons of Vodka and another whiskey. He wanted to die. His petition to God was “I’m ready to die.” Miraculously  he didn’t die and after 15 years of hardcore drinking he has been alcohol free for 30 years. He does not identify as being a Christian and credits God with his rescue. I thank William for sharing his story as he is now standing with alcoholics in their time of need and I salute his work. 




May God prosper you according to His divine will and purpose.

Rev. Jay Stuart Glover